A new approach to Maths learning with a convenient, affordable pack of fun Maths worksheets in the post.

Age appropriate Maths help created and overseen by a qualified Maths teacher.




✓ Age Appropriate

Maths practice from year 1 to year 7,
chosen by a Maths teacher for your child's age and ability.

✓ Convenient

Delivered to your door

once a month - you don't have to do a thing!

✓ Teacher-led

Created and marked by an
experienced maths teacher

✓ Incentives
Prizes for your children and
accountability for you.

✓ Unique

This is a proven, award-winning system that you won't find anywhere else!

" 55 second video explains it all "


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It’s always a good time to invest in your child’s learning and it’s free to try!  Give your child ongoing support in Maths so that they feel super-confident as the Maths at school gets progressively harder.  Know that you're getting absolutely the right work over the full range of topics relevant to your child's age and ability.

A very manageable pack of puzzle sheets delivered to your door regularly and consistently. Each booklet leads your child step by step through a topic.  There is lots of repeated practice and small steps which will ensure that your child retains their learning for longer.  The packs are designed to make difficult and scary Maths topics feel like a piece of cake! It's so clear that you will feel able to help them yourself.  Nearly all of the practice is in the form of puzzle sheets with word-searches, coded colouring, code-breaking, cross-words, match-ups and card games - perfect for 6-12 year-olds.  Now you don't need to worry about sourcing relevant Maths practice for your child - it's all taken care of.

You will feel better about your child's Maths by committing to just half an hour to an hour each weekend.  What's more - Maths Club by Post guarantees that if your child completes the packs they are sent for 4 months, you WILL notice a significant improvement in your child's Maths skills and confidence - or your money back!   Look at the testimonials to see how Maths Club by Post has helped children like yours.   

Case Studies


Lola’s Story:

Lola was finding maths quite tough, both at school and at home. In turn, her confidence was non existent, meaning she struggled to enjoy maths activities.

Since using Maths Club by Post, there has really been a shift in Lola's attitude towards learning maths and her confidence is flourishing. The first Maths Pack arrived and she was unsure to begin with but she soon realised just how much fun they were and also that 'She COULD do it!'.

Now, she loves receiving her maths packs! Quite often she will open it up and make a start without guidance because she simply can't wait to get started! She particularly loves the games, and the sense of achievement she gets once she has completed them. She also enjoys popping the pack back into the envelope, writing the Free Post address and independently walking up to the post box to send it back for marking.

If you know that your child lacks confidence in Maths, get hold of a FREE Maths Club by Post pack and see what a difference it can make.


Billy’s Story:

Billy told his Mum he was scared and worried about maths; he struggled and believed he would fail maths tests at school. During maths lessons, Billy said he felt nervous because he didn’t really know how to do maths.

Since starting Maths Club by Post Billy said that his confidence has grown and he feels smarter as he is able to recall his times tables automatically, rather than count on his fingers. During independent learning sessions at school, Billy says he is now able to work at a faster pace, and get most of the answers correct. During parents evening, the teacher said that Billy has a more positive attitude towards maths and that he now engages really well during maths lessons. Billy’s Mum has noticed a real change in his attitude and approach to maths.

Billy likes to receive the Maths Club by Post packs as they are personally addressed to him and he can’t wait to get started!!

Can you relate to Billy’s story? Get in touch to see if Maths Club by Post can make the change for your child.