Caroline Cutress Maths teacher

Hi!  I’m Caroline and I run Maths Club by Post.  I’m here to make it easy for children to gain confidence in Maths. (whilst having fun too!)


My 13 years of experience as a Maths teacher prompted me to start Maths Club by Post in 2013.  So many parents were asking me how to help their child with Maths at home.  I started by simply offering a little basic Maths practice for ks1, ks2 and year 7 in the form of worksheets sent to children at home with prizes for best work.  Along with suggested links to online Maths practice. To my surprise and delight the kids loved being in a ‘club’ and receiving letters and prizes and they were experiencing significant improvements in Maths lessons at school too!


In the early days I got such great feedback from the kids every time I included a puzzle worksheet or a game that I decided to make puzzles and games the entire basis for each little Maths book!  They are now full of crosswords, colouring puzzles, match-ups, mazes, code-words, word-searches, speed-sheets and card games to cut out.


My kids are now in year 3 and year 5.  They love doing Maths Club by Post too although every time they complete a pack they think that they deserve their own personal choice of prize from my stash!


Maths Club by Post - trophy for Innovation Excellence

Maths Club by Post - trophy for Innovation Excellence

It’s just me that runs Maths Club by Post which means that every child in the club really matters to me!  I am driven by the thought of each kiddie finding their confidence in Maths sky-rocketing and impacting their overall self-esteem too.

I really look forward to hearing your success stories as you and your children enjoy the unique and original experience of Maths Club by Post!

Caroline Cutress x