10 Things you didn’t know about KS2 Maths SATS – Information for Parents

2nd April 2019

As a Junior School parent, you may be aware of…

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3 Things you can start now to supercharge your child’s SATs Success (How to Pass SATs)

19th March 2019

Are SATs Important? There are lots of arguments for and…

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How can I help my 5 year-old with Maths? – 7 Ways to Start.

19th February 2019

Charlie works as a part-time assistant for Maths Club by…

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How Measuring Stuff Can ACCELERATE YOUR CHILD’S PROGRESS in Maths – 10 Activities to do at Home

4th February 2019

What Maths should my child be able to do? There…

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How ‘Thinking Small’ Could be the answer to your child’s Maths confidence

9th January 2019

Since Christmas, I have been going to the gym a…

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5 Christmas Crafts to Improve Your Child’s Maths -Today!

10th December 2018

If your child is struggling with Maths at school, it…

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How Praise Will Transform Your Child’s Maths Skills

5th December 2018

Has your child got a fear of Mathematics?  Do they…

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How Can I Help My 8 Year-Old With Maths? – 6 Tips GUARANTEED To Get Results!

23rd November 2018

If you have a child who is struggling with Maths,…

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How can I teach my child times tables? – 15 fun ideas

29th October 2018

  Let me explain, I have been teaching children Maths…

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How To Help Your Child With Maths Homework Without Falling Out!

12th October 2017

As a Mum, a Maths teacher and a private tutor,…

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