Mother checking daughters Maths homework
Year 6 SATs coming?
Is your child feeling confident and ready?
Do you think your child is set up to succeed?


All great parents want their children to have the confidence that comes from success in tests at school.  But how do you support that?


If your child is feeling apprehensive about the skills required to cope with KS2 SATs, where do you start?  What can you as a parent do to help them?


Many parents use past papers to try and prepare their children for the SATs, but this does little to side-step the anxiety and stress that formal exam papers cause.  Maths Club by Post recommend using less threatening ways and plenty of repetition to ensure your child is really confident in what they need to know.


Maths Club by Post as part of Boost Maths Tuition has coached hundreds of anxious children through their SATs - with great success.  This year we have developed a unique and enlightened SATs tool which is really tuned in to the needs of children.  This systematic approach gives lots of fun practise of all the skills required for the Maths SATs.  Delivered through puzzles and games, designed by a qualified and experienced teacher, this will enable your child to sky-rocket in Maths confidence and SMASH the year 6 SATs!


About the SATs Skills Success Pack:


" The design of the pack is excellent: as the topic develops, the key learning points are reinforced as she progresses through each of the learning points in sequence." - Lesley T.


" Bethany is totally absorbed and loving the Sats Pack. She didn’t want to stop for games night last night so we played the card game from the pack as a family instead!" - Charlie K.


The packs contain:

  • 4 ENGAGING PUZZLE PACKS, jam-packed with cross-words, word-searches, codewords, colouring pictures and challenges.  Part of the award-winning Maths Club by Post and written by a specialist Maths teacher, these packs are designed to guide your child gently through ALL the arithmetic skills needed for the year 6 SAT Arithmetic paper.  (Equivalent to 4 months membership to Maths Club by Post - (worth £31.96)


  • TIMES TABLE 'WAR!' CARDS - offering a great, fun way for your child to become super-fast with their calculations, in order to nail the arithmetic speed test! - (worth £4.25)


  • RE-USABLE TIMES-TABLE SPEED SHEET - laminated  to use over and over again - your child will clearly see what great progress they have made.


  • COMPLIMENTARY EXTRAS! - a FREE coloured dry-wipe marker and eraser so that your child can get started on the re-usable speed-sheet straight away!  A full set of answers emailed to for FREE enabling you to support your child's progress by marking their work.


All 4 packs, the cards, speed-sheet and extras - (worth a total of £39.21)

-posted to your child for just £27.50


Melissa in year 6 says, "You learn so much!  What's not to love about this fun pack!  Thanks to you I am amazing at Maths!"


sats speedsheet and war cards
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