School PTA Fundraising

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See Their Confidence Grow!

You can’t help but smile when your child’s Maths confidence grows. Maths Club by Post is a fun and affordable series of age-appropriate puzzles and games in the post which will help your children find their confidence and enjoyment in Maths.  What's more, you can earn monthly commission from Maths Club by Post to raise money for your school, PTA or club.  Give a boost to your child and help your school at the same time.

  • Free fundraising - no costs to the school!
  • Easy fundraising - just send the parents a link in the newsletter.
  • Profitable fundraising - earn up to £21.60 per child per year.
  • Monthly fundraising - don't wait until the end of the year, get commission every single month.
  • Educational fundraising - help your children improve their Maths whilst raising money for the school association.

It's a win-win situation!  Raise funds, boost your children's confidence and improve the school's results at the same time.

How It Works:

Maths Club by Post fundraising is open to any UK school association, PTA, group or non-profit club aimed at children in the age range 6-12 years-old, including sports clubs, and guiding or scouting organisations.

Just sign up using the form below

  1. Receive your unique fundraising code by email and a digital flyer to distribute.
  2. Email the code and flyer to parents.
  3. Receive 10% commission each month automatically by BACs for the whole membership of any child that has been signed up using your code.  (Up to £21.60 per child per year)
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