What Parents Say


"My daughter is responding really well to the Maths Club packs, especially the online videos and songs! She has also been moved into the top set in maths at school, so the work she did over the summer seems to have paid off.  She is really enjoying it - it takes the subject out of the ‘boring’ maths environment at school, and she gets more involved and engaged with it. The design of the pack is excellent: as the topic develops, the key learning points are reinforced as she progresses through each of the exercises in sequence."


- Lesley Teague, Clackmannanshire

"I just wanted to say how much Chloe has enjoyed this pack. I can already see her confidence growing in just one month! She really didn't like mental maths and was getting 3/20 each week. This month she has been getting either 12 or 13 out of 20! The pack has definitely helped. P.S. She can't wait to receive her next pack!"


- Mel Higgins, Sholing

“When the boys got their packs they were like, “Mummy!  We’ve got post!” They were very excited when they opened it.  Joshy started doing it straight away.  Olly is not very confident at Maths and was so excited when he got it right!  They loved it!” 


-Gemma Paddington – Southampton

"We are really impressed with the packs. They are really giving Toby the opportunity to extend his knowledge beyond what he is taught at school. He is enjoying them and was very excited when his new pack arrived earlier in the month. I think the presentation (different colours and the variety of activities) make them much more engaging than the home tuition books we've used in the past."


- Emma Davies, Romsey